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Calçotada festival at Asador 44

Around the end of January each year,the autonomous region of Catalonia pays homage to the humble calçot (a bit like a cross between a spring onion and a leek) with a festival dedicated entirely to the vegetable. All over the region around this time, grilled calçots are served in restaurants, and locals even throw calçot parties, but it’s the small town of Valls in the Tarragona province that really goes crazy for them with a special Calçotada Festival. 

This year the calçotada festival is coming to  Asador 44 and I was lucky enough to have a taster of the event last week.

It was so much fun. 

I thought the Calçotada was like eating onions, but it wasn’t. It was sweet and moorish. I eat around 12 of these beauties. 

(Make sure you wear a bib - assador will provide these for you) 

You dip the Calçotada in a beautiful homemade romesco sauce. It was delicious. You also get to drink fine wine from a strangely shaped glass jug. Looks easier than you think. Have a go! I managed to get it all over me. Guess, I will have to go back and try it a few more times ;) 

I love learning about other countries traditions especially food traditions. So, this was right up my street. 

I think this would be a really good event for you try with your friends, business clients. 

The menu looks devine. 

Unfortunately, I am away on this date otherwise I’d be there like a shot. 

Book your place - by calling Assador44 

02920 020 039

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