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The Florist, Bristol

I visited The Florist, Bristol last week, I have heard so much about the place. It lived up to the hype. Beautiful floral decor, light, fresh and welcoming. The floral walls were over 3 floors which had 2 bars and 2 rooms as restaurants.

The cocktail menu was floral based and also offered a good variety of gins. 

I asked for a little advice on the menu. What was their signature drink? What would they recommend a gin lover to have. Unfortunately, they weren’t very helpful. The knowledge wasn’t there and the bar staff were unprofessional. Which is a shame. 

I decided to choose one of the cocktails

Violet Daisy.  Cherry mariner,black cherry syrup, violette liqueur and a dash of Gin! It was very very good and the presentation was just as beautiful.

We would have stayed for another, but felt a bit unwelcomed, so we went to explore other bars in Bristol. 

Maybe, this was just our luck. I would recommend you try the florist. The cocktails are lovely, maybe you’ll get a better service than what we did.

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