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German Doner Kebab Cardiff

Kebabs, where are they from Germany or Turkey? I love kebabs and not just after 4 pints of wine and a dance in O’Neills, oh no. I’ve always liked them and even more so, after I went for a long weekend to Berlin last year, I didn’t really associate Germany with kebabs, but they love it out there and Berlin claims that they invented kebabs back in 1989 and then it went global. Since the Berlin trip, i’ve been having savouring the memories by going to @germandonerkebabuk on city road for my doner box. I find it less greasy than normal doner kebabs. Today, they are launching a new box – THE BOSS BOX and as a super fan, I got the chance to try the box. Eating doner and chips at lunchtime feels so naughty and yet so good. I Loved it. The Boss Box includes kebab with salad, fries, a portion of doner spring rolls or cheese bites, 3 sauces and a drink. I went for the Kcal Kebab from only 585 calories and 42 grams of protein, doner meat, fresh lettuce, red cabbage, onions, tomato in handmade wholemeal multigrain and sesame bread. It was delish.

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