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Budget-Friendly Cardiff: Free Adventures in the Capital for 2023

Hey there, lovelies! 🌈 Time for another round of Cardiff explorations, but this time we're talkin' freebies! 'Cause let's face it, the more pennies saved, the more pennies for those beachside fish and chips in Barry, right? So, let’s unleash the fun with some fab, free activities in Cardiff for 2023!

Bute Park Wonders

Alright, first up, it's Bute Park! This isn't your typical park; think of it as nature's playground smack dab in the middle of the city. Flower gardens, monumental trees, and even a sculpture trail—there's a bit of everything. Nicky and I love taking Derek there. The pooch thinks it's a sniff-tastic paradise!

The Cardiff Story Museum

If you've got a thing for stories (like me, but usually of the edible kind), then you'll love The Cardiff Story Museum. Nestled in the Old Library, this place is a deep dive into Cardiff’s rich past and its transformation over the years. Plus, it's free, so even your wallet leaves smiling!

Cardiff Bay Barrage

Oh, I'm a sucker for a good sea view, and Cardiff Bay Barrage is just the ticket. It’s the perfect backdrop for those romantic strolls with your Batch. Not to forget, it's also a fabulous place to catch some blog-worthy snaps. And all for the glorious price of zero pounds!

Roath Park Lake

Here’s one that’s had the Derek tail-wag of approval! Roath Park Lake is where we locals go for serene vibes. Feed the ducks, have a picnic, or get your steps in around the lake. And if you fancy it, there's a lighthouse that serves as the perfect selfie spot.

Spillers Records

A trip down musical memory lane, anyone? Spillers Records is a treat for the ears and the soul. Browse through vinyls, discover new artists, and reminisce over classics. It's like Spotify, but with that old-school charm and, of course, it's free to browse! You might see the likes of James Dean Bradfield mooching around the records.

Visit the Senedd in Cardiff Bay

Get a taste of Welsh politics and architecture in one go by visiting the Senedd in Cardiff Bay. Not only is it a hub of decision-making, but the building itself is a marvel to look at. It's free to enter, and who knows, you might get inspired to pen down some thoughts for your next blog post!

Cardiff Market

Okay, now, I know shopping generally isn't free, but window-shopping totally is! Cardiff Market is an absolute must-visit. From fresh produce to knick-knacks, this place has a heartbeat of its own. Even if you don't spend a penny, it's worth it for the bustling atmosphere and the wafts of freshly baked Welsh cakes. Perfect for foodies and people-watchers alike!

Bonus: Cardiff Castle Walls

And here’s a little secret—while Cardiff Castle itself has an admission fee, you can walk along parts of the castle walls without spending a quid. It’s a historical experience that comes with some pretty nifty views. Go on, make your Instagram followers jealous!

So there we have it, folks! A sprinkle of history, a dash of nature, and a whole lot of fun—all without breaking the bank. 'Cause you know, a penny saved is a penny more to splurge on that Barry renovation or another one of Derek's chew toys!

Till next time, keep it fabulous, keep it fun, and above all, keep it free! 😘



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