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Cardiff Airport Review

There i was sipping Earl Grey, watching the screens scream ' your flight is delayed'. I thought to myself, what the hell am i gonna do for the next 2 hours?

The two hours could consist of.... paying up and get tipsy on penderyn whiskey in the lounge, browse through WHS ( that would kill 20 minutes) sit in Costa, over spend in Ritazza / The Beer House or sit and watch people go to the toilet, feed their child or as i'm doing right now, listening to a couple in their 40/50 row over which plug to take to Dublin or i could write a blog about Cardiff Airport and i promise i won't keep going on and on about the fact that my flight is delayed. It's not a big deal anyway, i'm normally fashionably late anyway.

Cardiff Airport is not actually in Cardiff

I'm gonna go back a little bit and tell you how to get to Cardiff Airport, because Cardiff Airport - isn't actually in Cardiff. It's a 12 mile journey. You can get a bus from Cardiff Bay ( by the travelodge) or on Customshouse street ( which is by mill lane) They run every 10 mins. The prices are £5 each way £8 return and free on weekends. That's probably the best way to get there or if you're feeling flush then splash out on a £30 Uber.

What can you do when you've arrived?

  • You can pay around £20 for two hours for lounge access. This gives you unlimited beverages, nibbles, welsh beer, gin and whiskey. I always have a Lounge Liqueur before a flight ( Merlin) it's good.

  • 2 coffee shops - Ritazza and Costa ( you will be paying a little bit more than normal and that's to be expected in an airport really)

  • Duty Free - Duty free isn't as good as it use to be and the fact that non EU members gets everything half the price, we would pay - it can be a bit of a turn off ( or maybe that's just me)

  • WHSmiths - Hours of fun walking around going ( how much?) You're talking £2 for a bottle of water. The meal deals are pretty decent price and you do get some special deals on big blocks on chocolate.

  • The Beer House. Normally very busy, This is you bow and black location pre flight. They also have a food menu. You're looking at around £16 for burger and chips.

For more information about Cardiff Airport.

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Good news! I can fly...... see you later ( emoji thumbs up)


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