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Citroën Ami: The New Pocket Rocket 🚗

Hello, fabulous ! Buckle up because I've got a zesty tale of adventure, featuring none other than our new electric squeeze—the Citroën Ami. And of course, no escapade is complete without Nicky, and our fluffy sidekick, Derek!

First Impressions: Small But Mighty

Okay, so the Citroën Ami is basically like a chic purse on wheels. It's dainty, adorable, and oh-so picture-perfect. Seriously, the moment we rolled this beauty onto the streets of Cardiff, folks couldn't help but snap selfies with it!

Let's Take it for a Spin

Where'd we go? Well, this isn't a racing car, alright? With a top speed of 28 mph, we kept our zipping and zooming local. Starting off at Cardiff Bay, we scooted through Roath Park (Derek’s nose was in overdrive, sniffing out the new car smells), jaunted down to Pontcanna, and even breezed past the stadium. It was like taking a city tour, except we were the stars!

Built for the City, and for Derek 🐶

The Ami is not just compact; it's clever. There's just enough space for you, your plus one, and yes, your fur baby. That’s right, there's room for Derek! He plopped in the back, ears flapping in the slow breeze, soaking up the novelty like a true pup-fluencer.

Green Energy, Baby!

Let's not forget, this petite charmer is completely electric. So not only are you navigating Cardiff's streets with flair, but you're doing it sustainably. Eat your heart out, petrol guzzlers!

Keeping Up With The Times: New Speed Limits

With Wales looking to reduce speed limits from 30 mph to 20 mph, this little cruiser is already ahead of the curve. It's like the universe aligned just to make the Citroën Ami the perfect city whip.

The Price Tag: All Yours for £19.99 (Plus a Deposit)

Hold onto your bright-coloured hats, because you can own this electric pixie for just £19.99 per month after your initial deposit. Considering our Barry beach house reno, this price had me doing a happy dance!

Final Thoughts: Cardiff's New Celeb on Four Wheels

This isn't just a car; it’s a movement—an adorable, electric, Derek-friendly movement. Whether it's zipping around Cardiff Bay or taking a leisurely drive to Pontcanna, the Citroën Ami turns every outing into an event.

So, go on, add a little electric zest to your Cardiff adventures! And let's be real, anything that gets people to take selfies with a car, allows room for a dog, and zips around in eco-friendly style is a winner in my book.

Till our next adventure, keep it fun, keep it fabulous, and if you see a tiny electric car zipping through Cardiff, give us a wave—it might just be us!

Cheerio! 💕🚗

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