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New Japanese Restaurant in Cardiff - Koi

Grab your nan, your mam and you uncle Sam and get down to the hottest new restaurant in town.

KOI - serving Japanese inspired small plates. * highly recommended the sando. Not to share. Eat it all yourself. You will not want to share. Nori fries. Delish. and loads more Japanese inspired dishes. They have only been opened a month and hopefully the food menu will grow. I would love to see some Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki on the menu.

Every Sunday on the menu there's Ramen. So, leave your meat and two veg and grab a cocktails and this rich flavoured broth.

I was loving the bottles of kewpie on every table. Best mayonnaise in the world.

You can wash it down with some tasty classic cocktails with a Japanese twist. If you love pennyroyal cocktails. You are gonna love these, also they have all of the whiskys and sakes. Like shelves of the stuff.

They offer outdoor seating for perfect sunny days and soon, live music will be banging till the late hours . When Buffalo because buffalo again.

This place is exciting. Fresh. Bring a bit more life to the bottom side of Queen street and no, you don't need your grandad's old jeans and a vintage adidas t shirt to have a good time here. They open their arms and welcome anyone, who fancies a good time and really lovely food.

My only concern, is that it's not on the high street, you need to know about it to find it as it's tucked away on Windsor Place. Local people might forget that it's there and visitors might not know about it.

Cross fingers, people will step from the norm and support this new and exciting business and if you do go and have a good time. Write a nice review on google and insta. It make a huge difference to small businesses like Koi.

Koi Cardiff

Windsor Place


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