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Consider me your personal slice of Wales, Llio Angharad,  more Dawn French in spirit than a Kate Moss - an eager hand model with an insatiable appetite for the most divine dishes and riveting travel adventures.


From the time I was just a little twinkle in my mam's eyes (yes, I've been a foodie that long), I was the one licking the spoon of Victoria sponge mix, risking the raw eggs without a second thought. I'd be sat by the open fire, baking jacket potatoes with my dad, in between joyrides around our beautiful isle on my pink battery Range Rover. (Oh, how I miss that beast!)


Food has been my obsession, my muse. For me, food isn't just stuff thrown together. It's a science of mixing flavors to create experiences, each bite akin to a symphony making your mouth pop. It's the quirky reminders of that ghastly Tinder date, or the fabulous feast at your best mate's wedding. It's the kebab you devour, heel broken, lipstick smeared, after a rollicking night out, or the swanky Michelin-starred blowout that has you chatting about it years later, even as your bank account sulks. And yes, I confess, even a Wotsits sandwich makes me utter sounds of sheer bliss. A crisp sandwich, anyone? Cheese and onion, Skips, Scampi fries - my own take on 'de-bloomin-licious'!


I grew up not knowing the joys of holidays, apart from a memorable weekend caravan trip to Rhyl - memorable mainly because our caravan was right by a busy train track! It wasn't until I hit the big 3-0 that I got my first-ever passport (I know, such a late bloomer!). But, my oh my, am I making up for lost time! I'm packing my life with mini staycations, quirky vay-cays, and as much travel as I can stuff into a suitcase (a mini one, mind you, because who wants to pay extra?!).


So here I am, ready to show you the hidden gems of Cardiff, through the eyes of a food-loving, travel-crazed, not-so-lean, mean-eating machine. So, fy ffrindiau (my friends), grab your shoes and let's create some unforgettable memories together. 

Croeso i Gymru! (Welcome to Wales!)

Llio Angharad
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