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A little bit about me....



I'm more of a Dawn French than a Kate Moss, aspiring hand model, cake obsessed, traveling guru, and a not-so-lean, mean eating machine

Since I was a little sparkle in my mother's eyes, I use to lick the spoon of the victoria sponge mix. Raw eggs have got nothing on me.  I baked jacket potatoes with my dad on an open fire and explore the island on my ride on a pink battery range rover. ( oh, I wish I still had that. it. was. a. beaut). I've always been obsessed with food, the science of mixing flavors to make your mouth pop. The memories around food and going out for food. You'll always remember what you eat at a  terrible tinder date or at your best mate's wedding.  It's the kebab, after a boozy night when you've broken a heel and your lipstick is on your chin. It's that Michelin 38 courser that you're bank will bloody hate you for, but you'll still be talking about it for years to come and probably you'll be still paying for it as well. It's not just a meal, it's a memory. It's not just some stuff thrown together for fun, it's the sex noises you make when you go for that second bite. I know, I even make sex noises, when I'm eating a wotsits sandwich. Oh, I love a crisp sandwich, cheese and onion, skips, and a scampi fries sandwich. De- bloomin-licious. 


As a child, I never went on holiday really. I went for a weekend caravan trip to Rhyl once. It was nice, except, that our caravan was right next to a very busy train track. As I got older ( 30) I got my first ever passport. I know, I was late for the party. Since then, I've been cramming as many staycations and mini vay-cays abroad as I can, and oh my god. Why the hell? did I not? get a passport. sooner? I'm such a dry swede. But now, I am making up for it and I'm taking you with me. So lick your lips, pack your mini suitcase ( because you have to pay more for a large one) Crack them disco tunes on, and let's go make some magic. 

Llio Angharad
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