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Brecwast Mis Medi - Easy breakfast ideas Cardiff

Dyma be ddigwyddodd Mis yma....

This is what happened this month....

Brecwast - Breakfast

Roeddwn ni yn chwilio am cwpl o syniadau bach gwahanol ar gyfer brecwast. Di hen laru byta tost a menyn.... dwi yn joio bach o tost a menyn, ond weithiau ti jyst isho brecwast bach mwy secsi...

So, i was thinking about different ways to spice up breakfast time.... don't get me wrong, i love toast and butter, but sometime you just want something a bit more sexy!

Handy for students in Cardiff who want a good breakfast with out spending too much wongas

Natural yogurt.



and crushed ginger biscuit ( you can add your own biscuit) but a ginger biscuits gives it a bit more depth.

it was lush.....

i'm not gonna take credit for this - Because Nicky Batch did it... but i did help ( a bit ) well, i got the plates out, flipped the lid on the balsamic and talked to him about bin bags while he cooked. ( that's helping, right)

Sourdough bread

parma ham


balsamic glaze

now this is sexy, sexy to look at, sexy in the mouth - it's just a sexy dish and it made me happy for the whole weekend.

so, my advice is ( do it tomorrow)




bar of dairy milk in the microwave with a splash of milk for 30 secs.

quick - semi healthy ( ish) and stunning - be good with champagne - might try it next time


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