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Cheese pantry at Cardiff Market

This week, i meat the lovely owner of the new cheese pantry (they also own Penylan Pantry) 

So, what to expect from the cheese pantry at Cardiff Market? 

Cheese, a lot of tasty cheese.. from Wales and beyond. It's a lovely addition to the market.

I rarely go to the market to be honest, they close at 5 - which is not great if you work till 5. Maybe they should be open an hour later. That would stop me from buying veg and fruit in the supermarket. 

Back to the cheese. Here's a little taster of what's available....

you can also taste them before you buy. They can also tell you a bit about the cheese and the company that produced it. Nice little touch. 

You can also choose a cheese box, where they choose 4 cheeses for £8. 

Customer service was amazing! 

Also received Welsh Language service - which made it an even better experience 

Went there for goat cheese. Came home with 3 different cheeses - Cornish Kern, Rachel Goat cheese, Cropwell Bishop

Will i be visiting again?

Yes, without a doubt! 

They also gave me 15% on my next purchase 😊 so see you next week .

Good luck with your new venture 👍🏾❤️🧀 

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