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Launch Meat 156, City Road, Cardiff

Helo a chroeso i fwyty byrgyr newydd ar City Road,Caerdydd....MEAT 156

Hello and welcome to the new burger bar on City Road, Cardiff...MEAT 156

City road is famous for it's variety of tasty food, Cardiff characters and now Meat 156.

I attended a bloggers launch on Saturday at this shiny new burger bar and when i say shiny, i mean shiny. I could see the LED sign from afar and boy did it look good ( you won't miss it).

After sitting down, i started to dive through the menu. I'm a big burger fan and i'm not a milkshake fan at all, but the lovely staff helped me choose the right shake for me. I went for the chocolate and peanut shake. i like chocolate, i like peanut... so what could go wrong? Well, it didn't disappoint. Full of flavor, maybe i could get use to this milkshake business.

Looking at the menu, i noticed that prices were very reasonable. These days you can't have a burger for less than £8. But you can get a cheeseburger at Meat 156 for £6.50. The fries were £1.50 and nachos or wings £2.50. B.A.R.G.A.I.N

Meat 156 offered us a selection of food from their menu. My favorite was the volcano burger. It's a patty with a core of melted American cheese & jalapeños you can go extra

hot and add chipolte chilli sauce.

The crunchy jalapeños and cajun onion strings were a lovely addition to the burger and fries. i would defiantly add them to my meal next time ( probably add them to the burger). They were delish.

We finished our tasting with a steak. YES a steak

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