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HOMEMADE COLD BREW - How to make your own cold brew

I really love coffee, I think i love coffee more than chocolate and boy do i love chocolate.

Summer is here and what better way to drink coffee than drinking it cold with a bit of ice.

I decided to brew my own cold coffee and this is how i did it


  • 1 part Medium to coarse ground coffee

  • 4.5 parts Water, cold


Ground the coffee in the grinding machine. (if you're grinding your own, aim for a coarse grind)

add the coffee to a jar that has a lid. ( i used a kilner jar)

add the cold water

Leave it to settle for a good 16-24 hours.

After the long wait you can now start dripping your coffee.

You need to do this a few times.

Use a sive and some kitchen roll or a muslin cloth. You need to get rid of the bits.

cold brew

Once you've done that.... you can pour your beautiful cold brew coffee into a jar and pop it into the fridge.

This will last around 2 weeks.

I couldn't wait to i put my cold brew in a glass with ice sweetener and a bit of milk. It was delicious.

I do love the coffee......

cold brew

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