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Do you want free food and drink in Cardiff?

Want free Coffee? Free Churros and chocolate sauce? Free bottle of prosecco? OF COURSE YOU DO......

What do you need to do? well, it's easy - Dowload the memberoo app.

Find the local businesses that you love, join their loyalty club and start earning special rewards and getting access to exclusive offers. * Receive points every time you visit... ( points equal prizes) by asking if you can scan the memberoo QR code. * Get access to exclusive offers * Get notified when special promotions are available * Receive bonus points when you share your rewards on social media

The best thing is that they give you freebies from day one.

The other day i had a free coffee from the new and wonderful Corner Coffee and i didn't even have to do anything ( only have the app on my phone)

They also invite you to exclusive lunchtime events for free food.

Some of my favourite on the memberoo app at the moment - Corner Coffee , Science Cream, Grey ( hilton ) , Chai Street, Sunflower & I , Cafe Jazz, Vivo Latino, Kin + Ink

I went for a mean at Grey not long ago. The food is fabulous, i got a free welcome prosecco ( thank you Memberoo) i could have only popped in for my free prosecco, but i decided to stay for a few nibbles. I went to pay and they offered me the memberoo voucher as i scanned it they said that with the app i would get 25% off my food and 50 points in my memberoo account.

Brilliant i thought - 115 more points and i can get a bottle of Prosecco ( i do drink water, and other forms of non alcohol liquids - rolling eyes emoji)

50 point would get you -

Coffee and a Cake at Sunflower & I

Free large chips

Brioche Sandwich


Free Pint

Dowload it and let me know what you think.....

( below - Heledd and i enjoying a free prosecco. The yummy Duck and black pudding Scotch egg)

i do like this app - Especially if you visit the local businesses often. I bloody love a good bargain.....

Grey Hilton Cardiff - Scotch Egg

This is an event that Memberoo held in the middle of High street over the summer. Look out for more of these events.

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