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Ain't no breakfast like a sexy brecwast

The most important part of the day is breakfast.... That's what they say and have been saying for years.... we'll since 1987, my nan and my mum would make me eat brecwast before playschool, school and still asks me now, what i had for breakfast. It's a sign of good day and that you'll be alright, no matter what happens.... well, it saves me from killing anyone before lunch, so maybe my gran is right. 

When i was younger or in Uni i use to stick to the same break.. toast, butter and a bit of jam. It wasn’t very exciting. 

Can i just say, i bloody love breacwast, brunch, tenses, elevenses, the bit before breakfast is you have to get up super early before holidays or a meeting that is far away. 

Over the last two years, i've been experimenting with my breakfast... and it's not all avacado based....  some are totally naughty and some are healthy but still yummy, i've also been on a breakfast tour around cardiff and will share some of my favs...

 Shakshuaka - Shakshouka or shakshuka (Arabic: شكشوكة‎‎) is a dish of eggs poached in a sauce of tomatoes, chili peppers, and onions, often spiced with cumin. In its present egg and vegetable-based form it is of Tunisian origin,[1] and is now popular among many ethnic groups of the Middle East and North-Africa.

 Sausage, egg and homemade beans  and a sprinkle of chives for some added crunch

 quick, easy and very tasty - natural yogurt, berries and wheat flakes 

 How do you like your eggs in the morning? i like mine bloody scrambles with butter and a vine 

avocado, eggs, muffin and  some greenery 

 Naughty, but nice - berry bottom, oats top - add some yogurt  and it's perfect for breakfast and pudding 

 Bara Menyn, Llandaff - served me - salmon, rarebit on toast, egg and homemade pesto . It was fabulous.

 Sometimes you just want a lemon sponge for breakfast - add a strawberry and it's healthy, right

 One of my top 3 breakfast in Cardiff - Pettigrew - Savory scone, chucky sausage, homemade beans - everytime i see this picture, i want to cry with happiness 

 homemade waffle, chocolate spread, banana and strawberries 

 Natural Yogurt, grapes, banana and crunchy ginger biscuit 

Goat cheese, fig and balsamic glaze on a sourdough bread  -heaven - great for brunch 

 yes! Eggs Royal -Spoil yourself with this eggs royale dish made with smoked salmon and creamy hollandaise sauce.

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