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My trip to France in pictures

The macaroons in France are amazing. So eat as many as you can. I mean they are only small.. so technically 3/4 is just like one cake,right? 

Here’s some of the delights... 

Macaroons - Ladurée 

Cakes - Angelina 

I went to a lovely family owned French restaurant in Versaille called La Bouchon di Marché They spoke very little English but they were very friendly. The place was full of local people. The food was delicious. 

 I had bone marrow for starter, rabbit with poached pair and dauphinois potato and a lot of cheese. It was lovely and I’d go back any day. 

I also got the chance to go to the famous Buddha Bar in Paris. 

Trendy Parisian space. The place is outstanding. Large Buddha sculptures. Mood lighting. Great service and extremely pricey. Starters are between and 17€ and 38€  the mains are around 32€ and 65€ . I went for sushi. The best sushi I’ve ever tasted. It was beautiful.  the food is lovely, I probably wouldn’t go back here. It’s a once in a life time opportunity. 

I flew from Cardiff Airport, this was my first trip that wasn’t Cardiff to Anglesey (which is my usual trip) I had a lovely experience and it was great to use the Traws Cymru service for free. Traws Cymru offers free service across Wales on weekends. 

Flybe service was great the host and hostesses were friendly and it was refreshing to see older members as a part of the cabin crew. 

It’s was so lovely to fly from your own country. Just down the road. I normally fly from Bristol, but this was a lot easier and quicker and a lot cheaper 

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