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Welsh Rarebit with a sweet twist recipe

This is a great quick and easy breakfast or supper. 

I don’t measure by scales, spoons or grams i measure by taste and taste alone. 

What you need is 



Cheese ( strong cheese) 

Worcestershire Sauce

Black pepper 

Honey (sweet twist) 


Beer (strong beer - i use brains beer) 



I add - tomatoes and spring onions 

Step one - melt butter and add flour to make a paste

Step two - add beer 

Step three - add greated cheese 

Wait for it to melt - it will smell good and look sexy.... 

Add tablespoon at a time of mustard and honey and a splash of worcestershire sauce and black pepper  

You’re  done

Toast your bread 

Add some tomatoes, spring onions and salt and pepper. 


This is the beer i use 

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