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Early birds catches the brunch

Move over, dinner! There’s a new mealtime that’s front and center. It’s brunch, and it can be just as creative, dynamic as Friday evening meal.

Breakfast and brunch have long been associated with greasy spoons, saturated fat and builders bums. ( seriously, every time i dine at a greasy spoons i see a crack, builders crack) Now, chefs began taking breakfast and brunch to another level, offerings sophisticated preparations and high-quality ingredients.

Where better to experience a good brunch than The Early Bird Cafe, Woodville Road, Cardiff.

it's a mellow yellow building, sits around 20/ 25 people at a time and it's always busy, If you see a seat, sit in it!

( pictures by The Early Bird)

Early Birds offers the best of the best when it comes to brunch

Hulk SMAASHHHHHH - Sourdough toast with avocado, poached eggs and chipotle hot sauce


Cowboy - Pork Sausages, homemade baked beans, poached egg on a sourdough toast

It's my go to Brunch cafe in Cardiff.


Now then, the bakes needs a blog post for it's self. The donuts are insane, full of tasty fillings from your jam to hazelnut and praline. You need a lie down after a chocolate twist and the cinnamon swirl is better than sexy. Go and try them all....

( pictures by The Early Bird)


The Early Bird 2017 | 38 Woodville Road Cardiff CF24 4EB | 02921 320520 | | Bakery {Tue - Fri 8-5} { Sat & Sun 10-4} | Kitchen {Tue - Sun 10-4} |

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