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Launch of Celtic Manor's new cocktail bar - Mulberry.

Being a massive Rich Woods ( the cocktail guy) and Tom Cruise is Cocktail film, this invite got me excited and before i knew it, i was dancing around the kitchen to the Hippy Hippy Shake.

I never really venture up to Celtic Manor often, due to the fact that it's pretty hard to reach, if you fancy a drink or two........

But, i do love going up for a meal or an afternoon tea for a special occasion and an opening of a new cocktail bar, is a very special occasion. \

When i walked in, i instantly felt special. the mood lighting and decor was classic with a modern twist. The mood lighting was on point. Romantic, calm and somewhere where you can spend an hour or two sinking into the sofas sipping on quality and tasty cocktails. They also have a little hide away booths that you can hire for £200 ( the hire fee will be given back to you in cocktails)

Note: These are not your 241 Friday 7 till 10 kinda cocktails. These are £15 of theatrical fun, filled with flavour that will make you want to sip it till the morning comes.

I've spent many nights sipping cocktails in the best places in the UK from our very own Penny Royal and Lab22 to Duck and Waffle, the Shard and the Savoy, American Bar ( WORLD'S BEST BAR 2017 )

I started with a Mulberry SpritzVodka-infused mulberries mingle with Blackberry Pimm’s and Ice Cuvé. I must say the cocktail are exquisitely mixed, thoughtfully built and charmingly presented. Being a bit of a cocktail geek, i appreciated that the cocktail maker took time to explain how they built the cocktails and where the ingredients came from. They use high quality, unique spirits and it shows in price and in taste.

While sipping on this delight i noticed a cheese trolley a gin trolley and a cabinet of Whiskeys. When you think the night couldn't get any better.... they roll a cheese trolley to your table. You can choose 4 cheeses and all the trimmings for £14. They have carefully select the cheese and you can also ask for cocktail pairings.

Gin Trolley, being a gin fan, this was obviously a sight worth seeing. Great selection on the trolley from local producer to main stream, high quality gin.

You could spend the night going through the trolley. Happy to help you guys with this mission.

Whiskey cabinet. One word can explain this.... again there are local Whiskeys like Penderyn and also Japanese whiskey ( which is a bit trend for 2017) other Asian whisky producing nations will be on the up, up, up – pipping Taiwan as the one to watch in the next few years… and i can bet that Celtic Manor will be leading the whiskey way...

They treated us to a lovely selection of canapés with fois gras and truffle, lobster with scallops and a mushroom with mozzarella. These were later joined with a panko crumbed raspberry with poppet of boozy liquer along with a rich chocolate and rose pot.

I got to choose my own drinks from the colorful menu . I went for ( wait for it)

Apple Tatin

Chase gin is deliciously blended with

fresh apple and smooth caramel

Cheese Delice

Monkey Shoulder whisky is intriguingly blended

with Kahlúa and hazelnut liqueur

Candy Floss Royal

Black Muscat meets candy floss, decadently

drenched in Signature Champagne



Pineapple juice gets sweet with strawberries and orange juice

There were all delicious, my favorite was the Cheese Delice - What more does a girl want in a cocktail that cheese, chocolate and a Kahlua, Hazelnut Whiskey.

I really enjoyed the night, the customer service was outstanding, the cocktails were well created, well presented with a credible and passionate back story.

Would i go again? Of course, it's not a wild friday night or a casual Sunday. it's a cocktail before/ after a meal. It's a special occasion location for sure and i would love nothing more that to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or a girly get together at this beautiful new bar.

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