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Efes, Turkish cafe, Cardiff

Efes, turkish cafe is located at the top of chippy lane (caroline street) not gonna lie, i’ve a few turkish delights on chippy lane after a gin or 5... donner with chips, garlic sauce and i end up talking to drunken strangers about stuff like where does the queen ant come from or if you could eat any sandwich for the rest of your life what would it be? ( wotsits sandwich for me) incase you were wondering. I talk for hours and end up with half the doner and sauce on my top or even in my bra ( lush present at 11am the next day) 

This is not an after 5 gins kinda place, it’s proper, old school turkish cooking. I’ve been to turkey, when i was about 10 and this meal took me back there. Simple cooking packed with mouthblowing flavours. 

I started with a cold mezze plate and turkish bread. Brilliant to share ( or to eat on your own, if you’re hungry) 

Turkush tea ( standard) was lush. I normally don’t have sugar in my tea. Think it’s a must with a turkish tea. 

Followed by a meat platter, tasty salad, turkish bread and the best bit the fluffy turkish rice. You must try this rice. I’ll post a

How to make turkish rice at home for you guys soon. It’s insane. It’s like a savory rice pudsinh! Lush.

All of this came to £22.00 


Must go to place on caroline street! 

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