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I was super excited when big moose opened this week. It's great to see an independent coffee shop opening in the middle of the big beasts of retail. Hidden between Boots and Starbucks on Queen street ,it’s a little hidden gem. 

 I visited the coffee shop on the opening morning for my usual flat white and what a warm welcome i had. The staff were lovely and showed me around. The owner and his daughter, told me all about the project, their ambition and passion is infectious. The fresh flowers filled the cafe with a lovely floral smell. Everything was carefully placed and clean.  

Big Moose is  not just your normal cafe , oh no ..... it's working with the homeless charity llamau to support their young people. "bigmoose began after a very sad event in my life, i lost my best mate to cancer in 2007 and after this i vowed to myself to get the most out of every minute of my time on this planet. the last few years of running bigmoose stuff has been a great journey, and i really want to continue doing fun stuff that inspires people to live better, healthier, kinder lives. bigmoose has never been about making money and everything we have done in the past few years has been completely funded by donations." - jeff smith,

I left that morning, inspired and wanting to do a good deed, i also left feeling like a member of the big moose family and it felt pretty damn good. Since then i have been there for coffee 3 times and can't wait to try their brunch menu 

which includes 

Sourdough toast with banana, pecans, maple syrup, coconut milk - 5

Sourdough toast with all the welsh breakfast trimmings - 6.5 

Bacon and cream cheese bagel - 3.5 

Sausage sandwich - 3.5 

I also loved that this beautiful lady would serve me my coffee with that amazing smile in Cymraeg. It makes a massive difference, when the owners see the value of having a welsh speaker and this made me feel so at home.  I can relax in a great space drinking fabulous coffee, speaking the language of love. happy ( hapus).  

 Guys, i wish you all the luck in the world. You probably won't get rid of me now. 

Big Moose cafe

 4-5 Frederick St, Cardiff CF10 2DB

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