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Most instagrammable wall in Cardiff

Blanche Bakery is not only a heaven for 100% Vegan and Dairy free donuts, it also attracts a lot of instagram lovers, who can't wait to pose in-front of the 'but first coffee' pink sign and green grass of blanche.

As i sit down with my flat-white and hazelnut donut, watching the world walk to work or take their little ones to school.

In came the young women with double denim and heels to drink coffee and pose like their tinder profile depended on it.

There was a proper camera and all. not like a sneaky phone shot.

20 mins later and the photoshoot was over and all i could think about was that coffee must be blooming cold by now.

Flat white was delicious, having tried a few coffees now through hardlines. I feel like i'm becoming a profesionnal coffee taster.

i knew a few of their coffee brand.

i also liked the pink fresh vibez they had going on with a flash of pink. Clean, Crisp and yet homely.

I am not a vegan. I will never be a vegan. I was a bit worried that this would have an effect of the taste.

But it didn't, i was pretty surprised. The texture was not the same as a normal donut.

it was a bit more cake like.

The hazelnut chocolate filling was insane, two of my favourite things together.

so, it was a winner. It does take a while to adapt to the texture of these donuts.

Strawberry and cream donut was my fav out of the two. The strawberry icing on top with cream just made it.

Blanche Bakery

Tel.: 07426000528 Email: ​

16 MacKintosh Pl, Cardiff CF24 4RQ

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