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Be your own Barrista with the TASSIMO My Way

In the UK, we now drink approximately 95 million cups of coffee per day from gingerbread lattes, caramel macchiatos or mocha frappuccinos to standard deep black coffee, the demand is definitely there as you’ve probably seen more and more coffee shops opening around you.

Well, i am one of the statistics that contribute a lot to that statistic, on average i drink at least 3 coffees a day. When i pass a coffee shop and the smell hits me i just can’t resist. I honestly think that the beans are sininging to me - come in…. drink me…. it’s so fresh…. you will love me…. and before you know it, i have a flat white in my hand and i’m skipping / sipping my way to work.

Sometimes, i work from home and finding the right coffee and coffee machine to feed the need (love) for those sexy beans can be a bit tricky. I’ve tried a few, and some are either too much of faff or you spend more time online or in shops searching for the pods that suit you and that fit the machine. I wanted a quick and easy ( multi functional) machine that would suit my needs and the people i love to share a beverage with. So, i’ve been trying out the new Tassimo ( your way) to see if this is the one for me. Here goes….. First thing i noticed with the TASSIMO was that you can choose the temperature, volume and intensity of every single drink, which is great as i like a strong coffee in the morning and a less intensive coffee in the early evening and you can really taste the difference between the strengths. Having the option to crank the strength up in the morning is just the ticket to jump start your day. You can change the temperature of the coffee too, i feel that some styles of coffee for example a flat white shouldn’t be pipping hot, so changing the temperature to the style is a great feature and a way forward in the coffee machine world. The tank is a lot bigger than other coffee machines that i’ve used. It actually holds 1.2 ltrs. So you don’t have to refill the tank after your 3rd or 4th coffee. Handy when you have a few people over for brunch. You can fuel them all on one tank or if you’re having one of those days, where you need a two or three to keep you going.

So a great coffee machine needs even greater coffee. I have had some bad experiences in this department. Searching for hours in shops and online and then paying my weekly salary in coffee pods that don’t fit or they don’t manage to post them through the letterbox, which means i spend 2 days trying to work out my schedule to pop to the post office to pick them up. It was great to hear that this machine offers over 40 varieties of captions from coffees, chocolate based drinks and tea brands and they are pretty well know brands such as - Costa Cadburys Twinings Oreo Milka Baileys and more…… This is an all rounder, coffee for you, tea for the other half, hot chocolate for the little ( big) kids. Most supermarkets supply these pods and some supermarkets offers deals like 3 for £10 and you get 16 captions in a box. This works out as 20p a coffee. Now, you can’t go wrong with that can you, especially with the variety of choices. The taste of the captions are good. The frothy ones froth up. The black coffee are smooth, strong and full of flavour. The Milka is LUSH. So, i’m off for another coffee….. But, before i go i would highly recommend this TASSIMO coffee machine, i feel like a professional barista in my own home, creating a drink that suits me, it offers flexibility, choices to suit the whole family and the option for you to control your drink, not accept what’s given to you. Prices range from £78.90 to £130.00 and up for more information on this product please visit - This was an honest paid advert on behalf of Tassimo

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