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Being pide on a Saturday was fabulous!

I rarely have a Saturday without plans... i use to spend my Saturday mornings working at the BBC. I gave that up a few weeks a go, to have a bit of time for myself. Which is blooming lovely. 9 years and a half working nearly every Saturday was enough for me.

So, my first Saturday off and i was in for a treat, with these two beauties happening.

1. Canton Beer Festival

2. Honey & Co pop up and book launch at Dusty Knuckle

The beer went down very well.... It was lovely to go from one pub to an other, supporting local pubs and trying some local real ales.

But i must share with you my experience of getting pide by Honey &co

Here’s a little about honey &co

Sarit Packer – Was born in Northern Israel and has done a lot since: she has moved to London twice, she trained as a chef in Butlers Wharf cookery school, worked at the Orrery in Marylebone, rolled pasta by the beach, got married, made cookies in a disused chicken coop, ran an all day bistro, made truffles on the 8th floor of the OXO tower, headed the pastry section in Ottolenghi and set up Nopi in Soho as executive chef. She set up Honey & Co (with her husband) in 2012 and has slept very little since.

Itamar Srulovich – Was born in Jerusalem and moved to Tel Aviv to pursue his dream of becoming a backgammon champion beach bum – something he still aspires to be. He started his kitchen life in Orna & Ella, A Tel Aviv institution. He got married and moved to London where he cooked in the Oxo tower and headed the Kitchen in Ottolenghi before setting up Honey & Co (with his wife) in 2012. He only plays backgammon on holidays now.

Joint ventures; Honey & Co – A tiny diner serving traditional, homey Middle Eastern fair in London’s Fitzrovia set up & run by Sarit, Itamar and the most amazing team. Since opening they have published a cookbook that tells about setting up the restaurant and a baking book that tells about our daily routines at work. They have opened a little deli called Honey & Spice and a big Grill house called Honey & Smoke, both in the neighborhood, and they write a weekly column for the FT weekend magazine. Their newest book ‘At home’ is all about the food they cook in their our own kitchen and their life outside of work, whatever there is of it.

info from Honey & co website

Being pide on saturday was fabulous

I went to Turkey a few months back, when i was there sipping on Gin and Juice, i found my love for Pides. So knowing that Honey & co was popping Cardiff . I was sitting in the rustic yard of the printhaus and my mind and soul was back on the beach of Turkey, Gin in hand and the strong flavour of mixed, spiced mince with onions pizza (pides) in hand.

We had 3 Pides to choose from and of course i ordered them all......

The dough was kneeded in Nigella seeds and yogurt. Which meant it was crispy and the yogurt made it doughy, super tasty.

1. Fig, Ricotta, chilli and Rocket

2. Mutton, Tahini with cherry tomatoes and pine nuts

3. Red pepper and harrisa with tomatoes.

You know what makes me angry a pizza, let's say pepperoni

and they've only managed to give you 4 pepperonis on a medium size pizza. Babes, i didn't want half pepperoni, half margarita. I wanted every bite to include pepperoni. OK.

Rant over, HAVE A LOOK AT THE PHOTOS BELOW. Here we have a good ratio of topping to dough.

Which meant that every bite had a topping on it and it was lovely. my favourite was the Fig and Ricotta, fabulous flavours. Every single one was great. Can i just say, i did share them ( didn't eat all 3) even though i could have easily demolished these.

It was super lush to have pop ups and book launches at Dusty Knuckle. I think Cardiff thought the same, as it was very busy there.

I had a look at the book and it looks amazing. It's all about food that's cooked for the family at home. It will be on my christmas list, for sure. i want to try more fabulous full of flavour food from Honey & co . Can't wait to visit their establishments, when i'm next in london.

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