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I want to ride my bicycle, i want to ride my Geraint Thomas.

I'm not gonna lie, i had never watched Tour de France before, i'm not a fan. But when the story got out that Geraint Thomas a Welsh boy was doing so well. I started to wear yellow, followed the hashtag, watched hours on hours of cyclist cycling on telly and when Geraint Thomas won. I cried.

Yes, i was one of those annoying ( jump on the bandwagon) fans. But, what it did do, was inspire me to get out on the bike and cycle the shit out of Cardiff.

pic - shutterstock

What better way to do it than on Cardiff's next cycling scheme - Nextbike

It's so easy to use, you download the app, scan the bike and away you go.

I remembered the old bikes that were in Cardiff. These didn't really work, did they? But now we have apps, social media and things have moved on abit since then,this could actually work.

I use bikes in different countries. It's a great way to get around the city, some have sat navs built in and the bike could take you on tour to all the best attractions within a couple of hours.Yes, you do have to peddle.

We all know the benefits of exercising and keeping active and doesn't everyone in Wales want to be like Geraint now?

Having Nextbikes meant that i could travel the city for fun, for exercise and meetings on two wheels instead of 4 or sometimes 8 ( i think the bendy bus, has 8) can only be a good thing. I can see that reducing carbon in the city is also a highly important for the council too, as they are testing electrical buses at the moment .If you didn't know already, car fumes is linked to lung cancer, heart disease, asthma and diabetes. So if Nextbike can reduce cars on the road and get everyone out and about on a bike. It will be good for our health and reduce pollution and make everyone a little bit happier.

There are 20 stations across Cardiff at the moment and they are looking to add another 20 by the end of August.

I was worried that they were gonna cost around £20 a day, but no.

£3 membership a month Free 30 mins and 50p for the next 30 mins. ( prices in August 2018)

You can also take more than one bike out at a time. So, you can go cycling with your friend / lover or mother (in my case)

It's funny how going for a little bit of a bike ride makes me want to eat healthier as seen below. I'm hammering the salads after a good ride.

Another important thing that i must mention about the Nextbikes is that the seat is soooooo comfy. Having a large derriere, this is a massive bonus and means that i don't moan that my bum hurst every 30 mins.

They have 3 gears. which are very simple to use, even if you haven't been on a bike for a while, you shouldn't have a problem using these bikes.

All you need to do now is download the app and get into your Geraint Thomas gear and explore the city. I'm loving it.

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