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Key tips on living with a man

New pair of dark grey daps next to yours in the hall way. Can look cute, but can annoy the shit out of you. 

So, when do you decide to move in with your guy?

There's never a right or wrong answer for this,  some move in with their partner a  couple of weeks after meeting  and some don't move in for years. 

It all depends on you situation and what suits both of you , i think if you're both honest and want the same thing, then you should totally go for it. Here’s what i’ve learnt over the years... 

My key tips of living with a guy

Breath, count to ten. 

If he is moving in with you, then you need to have a think about these things below. i thought it would be pretty simple. bring one box of your stuff. i've put some hangers in the wardrobe for you - and that's it. 

But, oh no.... there's more to it than some shirts on a hanger and dirty socks under the bed.  


He need's a bit more than you think, he doesn't have just one pair of shoes, one pair of trainers and one coat. oh, no! they have more, some times you 


if he has a routine, then leave the routine alone. 


If he likes to cook. Then Bingo, you’re on to a winner. Sharing the cooking, cleaning chores is essential. Maybe, agree something like if he cooks, you clean or you could share the kitchen fun. If he can’t cook for shit, then show him the marrigolds and maybe get him chopping like a ninja. 

Cooking with Wine helps too ;) ( in moderation) 


Me time 

His time 

Our time 


I’m not a bit flip the pan, leave the pan kinda girl. But i am, the empty toilet roll won’t walk to the bin it’s self. There isn’t a magic shower gel refiller fairy either. 

Things like this take time. Approaching these little niggles can be tricky. Approach with caution ;) 

Other things you should know....

You are not always right - most of the time you are, but not always ( it's a shock, i know) 

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