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My 12 hours in Bath...

ME : Mum do fancy going for a little trip tomorrow?

MUM : Yeah, somewhere i haven't been before, somewhere interest with a bit of character.

ME: I have just the place.

24 hours later we were on our way to beautiful Bath. I haven't been to Bath for about 4 years and boy has it changed. i came off the train and it honestly felt like i had stepped off the plane in Italy makes sense with Bath being famous for their Roman baths. The sun was shinning and the bright yellow stone buildings looked stunning. Everywhere looked so clean, the streets where the cleanest i've ever seen for a busy city. They really do look after the city, creating art out of their telephone boxes. They were extremely busy with tourists and myself taking photos. I can imagine there's a few floral phone boxes on instagram.

So here is my 12 hours in bath in pictures

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