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When life gives you Coffee... drink the one that suits you...

African, Brazilian and Columbian are all types of coffee, but what's the difference? 

Flat White, Cortardo and a Ice caramel Mocciato, no cream extra shot and on the rocks.... are all types of coffee...? But when it comes to the crunch do you just order a medium latte like my father does, because he has no idea what the others are? 

Well, i'm going to try and help you out by explaining the difference between the different types of coffee...and where you can try them in the big city of Cardiff.

So this might help. 

Espresso - If you like it strong and short go for an espresso  or maybe a double. if you can handle a double. I had one once,  i sang ' i know a song that will get on your nerves' for about 20mins solid followed by a 45 minute toilet break and then i slept for a good couple of hour and all of this happened before 11 am. If you can handle it, knock your self out.

Americano - Closest thing to a coffee that you do at home. 

Latte - Milky ( if you like Milk) This is the one for you 

Cappuccino - Frothy milk and normal Milk... i think this is the middle of the road coffee.... a cross between a latte and an Americano ( safe option) 

Flat White - Not on the picture below ( but it's my fav) it's a shorter drink than the cappuccino and latte, made with steamed milk that makes it smooth, but you can still taste the strong coffee. Lush! 

  Top places to try in Cardiff 


Corner house


Bara Menyn

Waterloo tea

Big Moose

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