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PB Performance Gym launch - new gym in Cardiff

PB performance

I was invited to try Cardiff's new gym - PB ( PERSONAL BEST) Performance Gym.

This gym is a purpose-built fitness club devoted to pushing boundaries and I needed all the help I can get. This gym screams some heavy bad ass investment. Its home to the best gym kit, i've seen in a while. Rouge weights, Watt-bike ( bikes) concept rowers. This gym is all about building growth and developing your fitness and they have the kit to match it too.

Their programs include — weightlifting, powerlifting classes, Cross-fit and soon they'll be introducing spin, pilates and yoga. There’s something for everyone.

The ratio of cardio kit to weight based training kit is definitely 70/30 to the weight training and that's not a bad thing. The aim of this gym is to target weight trainers and cross fit lovers and the launch day showed that (oh, and I was there).

If i'm honest, I was totally shitting myself. I'm not use to these types of gyms. I'm more of a glow stick dance class kinda gal, y'know. I've tried a few weightlifting classes before and I did really enjoyed it. But anything new, can be a bit daunting.

I walked into the room and honestly, most of the machines looks like something out of transformers film. I wasn’t sure how to sit, stand or bend into any of the machines. I needed help and i must say the staff were super lush, they talked me through all of the machines and showed me how to use them, I even had a go at a few of them on my own. yes,. I CAN DRIVE A TRANSFORMER and yes it does hurt the next day. no pain. no gain.

DOMS are actually a real thing. It’s not a hipster way of saying dominos. awks for me.

Every day is a school day and I learnt how important technique is for lifting and that you can start with a pvc pipe and then you can start with a real pole and weights. So, if you're new to the weightlifting world then get yourself down to B&Q.

This gym, is where some of the best weightlifters train. That’s what they told me. Some of them had a team and people helping them lift. They did look like professionals and couldn’t stop looking at them. Its pretty impressive, especially when you are still trying to work out what to do with a PVC pole.

You can see the community feel in this gym, I can imagine there will be a wild christmas party, summer socials and a what's app group. So, if you're looking for a community based gym.This one is the one for you and to be honest, everyone was lovely.

When I saw the spin class room with the disco lights, I thought.... Yes,! Here we go.... This is for me.

They haven't started the spin classes yet. While I wait for the dates of the spin class, I can chill out in the coffee area. Sipping on some an americano.

Below are some pictures and a free day pass for you. If you fancy giving it a go. I might see you in the spin class. I’ll be the one dresses like mr motivator.

Please let me know how you get on.

Would you like to try the gym for free?

Here's a pass for you - PASS

PB Performance Gym

Unit 49, Portmanmoor Road


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