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Where to go, what to eat... when you come to Cardiff for the 6 Nations - Oh, and we speak Welsh in W

So, you're coming to Cardiff for the 6Nations. Cracking.

You're looking for places to go, things to do and you want to use some Welsh to chat someone up or just to order a pint?

Well darlings, you've come to the right place.

Let's start with the drinking. ( now, if you want to find these places - use you're phone, it's brilliant, because really, you're probably not going to back and forth to my blog for directions- but feel free to come back here, if you're not sure where to go next )


CITY ARMS PUB - Classic brains pub, has now started introducing some exciting new guest ales and cider. Really close to the stadium and a good laugh.

TINY REBEL. They are from Newport and they're taking the ipa world by storm. You must try some of their own like the Dutty, Cwtch Stay Puft..

BEELZEBUBS - They brew in Cardiff and have now opened their second place in town - They have a wide range of beer, ales,stouts and ipa. Ask the staff,


FLYBYNIGHT - If you like wine, go here - it's a small space and it's a nice place to take your other half or a dear friend.

PENNYROYAL - Cracking cocktails, they'll be able to make what ever you fancy as they go up the spirit stairs to mix a bit of lushness for you

LAB22 - The mood is sexy, the cocktails are smokey, great place to go at the end of the night for some tasty, authentic cocktails.

DEAD CANARY - where is it? that's the question. When you get there, you'll love it and the drinks fun and fabulous.

GIN AND JUICE - Does what is says on the tin really.

RUM AND FIZZ- sister of Gin and Juice and doest Rum and Fizz

ALCHEMIST - Big name,Big space cocktails are over the top.

SLUG AND LETTUCE. - 241 all the time.


ASADOR 44 - Spanish inspired, Asado cooked, Fine wine. Wear a shirt.

CURADO - spanish tapas, relaxed but not rowdy. A place where you go for an hour and you're still there 3 hours later.

BLUE HONEY - Cafe take over from some rustic Korean style street food.

KONGS - Play Pacman, smash a burger and finish off with a bit of ping pong

STICKY FINGERS - All the street food in one place, screens for the game, beers for the peeps.


I'm thirsty. Where can I get a good beer?Mae syched arna i. Lle alla i gael cwrw da?

Is there a pub nearby? Oes tafarn yn agos i fan hyn?

I'd like a beer, please.Hoffwn i gwrw, os gwelwch yn dda.

I'd like another pint.Hoffwn i beint arall.

Cheers!Iechyd da!

I love you guys. I'll buy you all another beer.Dw i'n eich caru chi i gyd. Na i brynu peint arall i bob un ohonoch chi.

Will you phone for a taxi for me? Nei di ffonio tacsi i mi?

Quick! Where's the toilet?

Can i have your number? Gai dy rif ffon di?

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