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Retro box of all the those cakes you use to eat as a child

When in lockdown eat cake....

I use to love eating sponge with 100s and 1000s and icing with pink custard in school. If you were the first 2 in the queue you'd get the custard skin as well. Which was an extra bonus, I use to give my friendship bracelet in exchange for that spot of some skin. Things were so good, playing blind date in yard. I was always Cilla black, single with wild hair. While the others would have a boyfriend for the day at least id have that pink custard skin. When @caitlin_131 said that she'll be starting a little project to bring back the cakes that gave us so much joy in the 90s. I was over the moon and this week, she delivered a box of treats and that delicious cake. It was sooooo good. Today, she's started taking orders through @theschoolbellbakery for a box of cakes and delivery for £13 . Which is an absolute bargain. Would be lush if you could support her, you won't be disappointed.

#gifted cakes.

To book your cake box delivered to the door -

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