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Cotes du Rhone - Eat, Drink and Podcast at home

Côtes du Rhône is a wine-growing between Léon and Marseille in France. They produce world class red wine, actually they produce 166 million bottles a year of Côtes du Rhône. They also create white and rosé wines, but they aren't that well known for their rose and white. On my to do list this year, was a cycle trip around the vineyards, sipping wine and eating french cheese in the sun. Watching the makers pick grapes in their boat shoes and shorts. I've always thought of wine making as a slow pace, romantic job, I think i've been watching to many romantic comedies, i was really looking forward to find out. But hey, Covid came and i'm having my Cotes du Rhone trip at home.

The lovely Cotes du Rhone crew must have know that my flights were cancelled, an sent me a beautiful hamper to enjoy in the garden.

The lovely hamper consists of wines from the villages and foodie treats of st felicien with truffle honey 36 months, jambon persille,saucisson aux noisette and some lovely chutneys candied hazelnut, pickles and rustic sourdough baguette without forgetting the wines from the côtes du rhône villages.which were outstanding.

The wine, oh the wine.

Tradition Séguret Côtes du Rhône Villages

40 year old vines gives this win a a deep rich colour, a hint of raspberry and blackberry flavours with a kick of spicy. Sometimes a red in the summer can be a bit heavy, but this was bold, fruity and fresh ( which sound crazy, having a bold wine that's fresh, but it is and it's fantastic) . This was perfect with the cheese.

Elements Terra Cotes du Rhone

Light, easy drinking white wine, subtle flavour citrus and acacia flowers. Fresh. This is a nice wine for a sunny day, i'd put this on my chilling out list of wines.

Domaine Pique-BasseL'As du Pique Côtes-du-Rhône-Villages 'Roaix' Rouge

This powerhouse, is packed with cherries, black fruit, prunes, spices and pretty earthy. You have a strong fruity start, full bodied, deep red. It's very balanced and a long aftertaste. It's a nice one to have when sitting in the garden in front of a fire.

These were a perfect taster of great wines to drink during the summer. I have already ordered another bottle of Tradition Séguret Côtes du Rhône Villages for my camping trip next week.

While i was drinking the red and nibbling on candied hazelnut, i have Joe Wadsack and Matt Walls - 21 stories of the cotes du rhones villages podcast on. They talked through the wines, the Côtes du Rhône Villages and the history of Rhône villages. It was a great pod. light listen, packed with information and podcast that would influence any wine drinker to lick their lips.If the wine wasn't enough to make me want to jump on a plane to the south of France, this podcast has got me scrolling easy jet as we speak.

So, if you fancy a wine tasting night pop over to the website and get tasting some wines.

I had a fab time eating, drinking and podcasting my way through the Côtes du Rhône experience.

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