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Welsh Beef wagyu steak sandwich with matchstick fries and porter beer sauce recipe

  • 1 PGI Welsh Beef wagyu ribeye steak

  • 2 slices of freshly made sourdough bread - Riverside Sourdough

  • 2 red potatoes or normal potatoes

  • 1 porter beer, e.g. Mikkeller Chipotle Porter

  • 1 tbsp plain flour

  • 1 fresh horseradish

  • 2 tsp white miso

  • 2/3 cloves of garlic

  • 1 bone marrow from Oriel Jones

  • 2 banana shallots

  • Welsh salted butter

  • 1 veg stock cube

  • 1 Snowdonia Black Bomber cheese

  • 1 pack of Welsh wagyu beef dripping from Alternative meat

  • 1 pack of mozzarella

  • Halen Môn salt and black pepper


  1. Roast the cloves of garlic with the skin on, the shallots and bone marrow with one tablespoon of the wagyu beef dripping. Pop it in the oven for 20 minutes at 180°C / 160°C fan / Gas 4.

  2. After the 20 minutes take the tray out of the oven and unpeel the garlic.

  3. To make the gravy and add one tablespoon of flour, add two tablespoons of the porter beer. You can add more porter later if you need it.

  4. Make sure the marrow is scooped out of the bone. Add one vegetable stock cube, 2 teaspoons of sweet miso, and a thumb size piece of fresh grated horseradish.

  5. Taste and add a bit more porter if needed and some freshly ground pepper. Reduce the gravy by half.

  6. Meanwhile julienne the potatoes, melt the wagyu beef fat in a pan then fry the matchstick thin potato until crispy.

  7. Season the Welsh wagyu steak, then fry to medium rare with some Welsh butter.

  8. Remove from the pan to rest for 5 minutes and pour the steak juices in with the gravy.

  9. Grate some Snowdonia Black Bomber cheese and mix with equal parts of grated mozzarella. Melt in a pan gently, it should be gooey and stringy.

  10. Slice two good wedges of local sourdough and butter with proper Welsh butter.

  11. Slice the steak, and season with Halen Môn salt.

  12. Add the sliced steak in between the sourdough bread, top with fried matchstick chips, top with melted cheese mix then drizzle with the gravy. If you like a rich meal, then go crazy with the gravy. If you want a lighter meal, don’t add too much gravy.

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