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A Gastro pub in Pwllheli that should be on your food list.

My fabulous food adventurers! Buckle up, because I'm taking you on a tantalising trip to a gastro pub where they serve a trifle that will leave you weak in the knees. Yes, my darlings, we're headed to Pwllheli, to the much-celebrated local favourite - the Whitehall. They had me at "sherry trifle" and held me captive with their heartwarming hospitality and charm.

As you step into the Whitehall, you're greeted by a place that’s stylishly decorated with a loving nod to Welsh artists, making you feel like you're in a warm Welsh embrace. But what really sets Whitehall apart from the pack? A woman by the name of Hefina, the owner and style maven, who can rock a pair of cow print shoes like nobody's business. Trust me, her footwear is as fabulous as the food she serves up!

You can feel the local love for Whitehall - every Pen Llynian worth their salt nudged me towards this place, and boy, I'm glad they did. Now don't expect swanky fine dining with silver domes and ten courses. This is gastro pub territory, and let me tell you, they're knocking it out of the park.

We kicked things off with the prawns. The biggest, juiciest prawns basking in a glorious pool of garlic butter - I thought I’d wandered into prawn heaven. Next up, a succulent lamb rump, perfectly pink in the middle, served with mint and redcurrant gravy, an absolute beast of a potato and rosemary croquette, and a hearty side of greens. Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, just the way it should be.

But my friends, the piece de resistance was yet to come - the nostalgic sherry trifle. I swear it was more beautiful than a sunset over Snowdonia, and I’ve seen a few of those. This wasn’t just a trifle, this was a journey back to my childhood, but even better than I remembered. We did try the Pimms and meringues with strawberries, and they were delightful, but honestly, my heart and my taste buds were lost to that dreamy trifle.

So, if you find yourself up north, especially if you're popping by for the Eisteddfod Festival in August, do yourself a favour and visit Hefina and her fantastic team at the Whitehall. Why is it a favourite amongst the locals, you ask? It’s simple - they serve up scrumptious food, with a side of warmth and a dollop of Welsh charm. And trust me, that's a recipe that never fails.

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