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A Taste of Home: My Culinary Adventure with Dragon's Cheese

As a daughter of the soil, deeply rooted in the farming traditions of this beautiful region, I'm thrilled to share my latest culinary venture with Dragon's Cheese.

This isn't just about recipes; it's about celebrating our heritage and the mouthwatering flavors that come from our land.

The Legendary Tale of Dragon's Cheese

Let's start at the beginning. Dragon's Cheese was born from a dream in 1938 by John Owen Roberts, who envisioned a cooperative of dairy farmers in North Wales. They set up the creamery in Rhydygwystl, a place known for its fertile grasslands. As the cooperative grew, so did its reputation. From supplying milk during World War II to expanding its membership, Dragon's Cheese became a symbol of Welsh perseverance and quality.The Evolution of ExcellenceYears rolled by, and Dragon's Cheese kept innovating. In 2004, they launched their Dragon brand, a nod to the iconic Welsh symbol. But it was in 2015 that they really shook the cheese world with their handcrafted Cheddars. They combined traditional methods with local flavors like Welsh Slate, Anglesey Sea Salt, and even Penderyn Whisky, creating cheeses that are uniquely Welsh and undeniably delicious.

Why I Chose Dragon's Cheese?

My partnership with Dragon's Cheese goes beyond the palate. It's a tribute to the land I call home and the community that's sustained generations of families like mine. Their commitment to working with local, red tractor assured dairy farms resonates with my core values. Plus, their cheese is simply irresistible!

My Recipe Creations

In honor of this partnership, I've dived into the kitchen to create dishes that bring out the best of Dragon's Cheese. Let's talk about the Cavern Ruby, Pesto & Bacon Quiche - a dish that combines the creamy, bold flavors of Dragon's cheese with the smokiness of bacon and the fresh kick of pesto. It's a celebration of local ingredients coming together in harmony.

And for those with a sweet tooth, the French Toast Panettone with Dragon Handcrafted Cavern Onyx is a game-changer. Imagine the sweet, fluffy panettone soaked in a rich, eggy mixture, then fried to golden perfection and topped with the luxurious melt of Dragon's cheese. It's a fusion of Italian tradition and Welsh innovation.

Get Cooking with Dragon's Cheese!

Now it's your turn to bring the magic of Dragon's Cheese into your kitchen. Here are the recipes to kickstart your culinary journey:

Cavern Ruby Quiche with Pesto and Bacon: Perfect for a cozy brunch or a family dinner.

French Toast Panettone with Dragon Handcrafted Cavern Onyx: A delightful twist on a breakfast classic.

Join me in this delicious adventure, and let's celebrate the taste of Wales with every bite. Whether you're a fellow local or a curious foodie from afar, there's a piece of Dragon's Cheese waiting to transform your meal into a memorable feast. Here's to cooking, eating, and enjoying the bounties of North Wales together!

To try some Dragon's Cheese - click here


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