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One of the best Burger delivery box in Wales, right now.

This double Lamb & Mint, BBQ pulled lamb, dill pickles, bacon and goats cheese burger with red onion marmalade in brioche buns and 2 Cawdor's famous brownie is up there with one of the best burgs around.

By whom you may ask????

The Cawdor, Llandeilo. I'm on my second box and I can honestly say, that the head chef of Cawdor, knows his burgs.

In the box you'll get

4 x Lamb & Mint patties, 4 x smokey bacon rashers, 2 x brioche buns, 2 x Mozzarella slices, 1x Dill pickles sachet, 1 x BBQ Welsh lamb shoulder sachet, 2 x Goats cheese rarebit melts, 2 x Red onion marmalade pots, 1 x speciality seasoning pot, 1 x shallot

2 x Cawdor brownies

all for £25 plus delivery.

Verdict - This was a sloppy, delicious, gloopy, barely-held-together gobful of meaty deliciousness and it's at its best when about to collapse.

Cracking balance of flavours from the goat cheese rarebit and red onion marmalade with the salty smokey bacon & pattie. I am a huge fan of two smaller burgers than 1 beast as it keeps its moisture.

How much is delivery?

£3.50 and delivered within a couple of days.

This is a perfect gift for someone special or for yourself. Damn, I'd be a very happy lady to have this as a gift.

Want to order your box? CLICK HERE

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