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From Grinding Wheat to Grilling Welsh Lamb: A Unique Culinary Odyssey at Blackpool Mill in Narberth

Think your local food scene is hard to beat? I dare you to take a trip to the magical land of Pembrokeshire. Prepare your senses for a delightful journey of unforgettable flavors, a dining experience where history meets gastronomy, and the one place where milling wheat and mincing lamb shoulder find common ground – the extraordinary Blackpool Mill Restaurant!

Once an imposing Grade II* listed Georgian building that ground wheat for flour, using water power no less (talk about being eco-friendly before it was cool), the Blackpool Mill has undergone a Cinderella-like transformation. Thanks to Bluestone restoration works in 2022, the mill didn’t just get a new dress and a sparkly tiara; it's a top-tier, state-of-the-art kitchen coupled with private dining rooms and a spectacular heritage restaurant that sends your Instagram followers into a jealous frenzy.

Speaking of jealous, wait till your taste buds get a whiff of the mouth-watering menu. Imagine tucking into Roasted radish bruschetta doused in black pepper oil (£8.00) or seducing your palate with Fresh scallops on a bed of minted pea purée (£16.00). If you’re feeling adventurous, you might try Pan fried lamb liver with a creamy Penderyn whiskey and tarragon sauce (£11.50). Now, if that doesn’t sound like a foodie’s paradise, I don't know what does!

But wait, there's more. You could dive into a Free range Capestone chicken breast, cheekily stuffed with foraged nettles from the mill (£19.00), or surrender to the tender and flavourful Slow-cooked Welsh lamb shoulder, complimented by rosemary Pembrokeshire potatoes (£24.00). This is not just eating; this is a dining experience that transcends time and place.

Now, if you're reading this while on a diet, I sincerely apologise. But let's be honest; no meal is complete without a dessert. How about a Homemade panna cotta adorned with fresh strawberries (£7.00), or a Dark chocolate and walnut tart with walnut crumble (£6.50)? If these dishes don't send you running towards the Blackpool Mill, I’m not sure what will!

Just a 20-minute walk from Bluestone Park, Blackpool Mill is a gastronomic gem in the heart of Pembrokeshire, championing Welsh farmers and local produce. Not only is it a dining spot, it’s a time capsule and an homage to Pembrokeshire’s industrial heritage. In a single visit, you're not just fed, you're educated, entertained, and sent home with a satisfied stomach and a delighted soul.

Opening times: 7 days a week

Location: Blackpool Mill, Narberth, Pembrokeshire, Wales.

Contact details: @blackpoolmill

So, next time you're in Pembrokeshire, don’t just wander around the beautiful countryside. Make a beeline for the Blackpool Mill Restaurant. After all, where else can you savor a history-infused Welsh rarebit in an ex-water mill? Only in Pembrokeshire, my friends. Bon appétit!


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