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Kohlrabi, apple, noodle duck salad recipe

Lets make this sweet, salty, refreshing kohlrabi, apple and noodle salad to go with the duck.

Julienne your favourite veggies. I used the following:

☆ Carrots

☆ kohlrabi

☆ Granny Smith apple

☆ Cucumber

Mix together with cooked and cooled glass or rice noodles, you you could opt for beansprouts if you're cutting carbs.

I whipped up a dressing made of the following, although no measurements as I just poured a bit of each:

☆ half a lime

☆ Rice wine vinegar

☆ Sake

☆ Fish sauce

☆ Honey

☆ 1 grated garlic clove

☆ Grated or ground ginger

☆ Sesame oil

☆ Chopped fresh coriander

Drizzle over the noddle salad.

Cook the duck to your preferred liking, leave to rest then slice and place on top.

I then drizzled a bit of @whitemausu

Peanut Rayu, a mixture of peanuts, oil, chilli and sesame that I picked up from kemis pontcanna recently.

Light, fresh, zingy and just what I needed to ward of temptation to order a takeaway.


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