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One of the best fried chicken in Cardiff.

Chronic Fried Chicken Review

This young new fried chicken indie pop up was born out of Blue Honey, a vibrant nighttime cafe take-over of the famous greasy spoons Sully’s Cafe in the heart of the city. The blue honey night cafe takeover had a strong European vibe, of outside drinking and dancing with banging funky tunes, and cracking Asian style finger food.

This inspired the new Chronic Fried Chicken popped up every Friday to get everyone in the mood for the weekend during the first coronavirus lockdown. Offering deliveries and collections of their mouthwatering, chunky, crispy, banger of a fried chicken in a soft potato bun.

You could wrap your lips around some Honey Butter Burger (Brined crispy fried chicken, Welsh honey butter, smoked streaky bacon, pickles, and lettuce in an organic potato roll) or Korean Burger

(Brined crispy fried chicken, gochujang sauce, house fermented kimchi, and kewpie mayo in an organic potato roll) Their modern take on a Kiev Burger

(Brined crispy fried chicken, garlic butter, parmesan, truffle mayo, pickles) were nostalgically pleasing, while you dip your chips in chicken gravy and cheese on the side of a bench by the castle. The mix of punchy flavours and crispy and succulent chicken in a bun, is a perfect nighttime treat. Make sure you grab enough napkins, this can get really messy, yet unbelievably satisfying.

They were on the move, to give the chicken lovers of the city what they wanted. Which was more than a weekend of fried chicken. Then the Kongs (Beer, games, and music venue) x Chronic Fried Chicken collaboration was born. Giving us all the chronics we wanted, while sipping some craft ale and a game of ping pong before bed.

As their delivery service thrives and we slowly get out of lockdown, Chronic Fried Chicken are the ones to watch for 2021, as they venture for a space in the city to call their own. For now, we will enjoy these juicy beasts in the comfort of our own home.


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