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The Bull's Head Experience: A Culinary Journey Worth Every Turn (Even on Windy Tracks!)

The Bull's head review I practically raced home to pen down this blog post. Trust me, with every keyboard click, I'm reliving every bite, every view, and every chuckle I shared with Lisa. So, tighten your seat belts; we're diving deep into Herefordshire!

A Gem in the Valleys: Ah, the Bull’s Head in Herefordshire. Nestled sweetly in a valley hugged by the dramatic Black Mountains, this old drovers' inn is a picture of rustic charm. Picture this: flagstone floors, cold slate walls radiating warmth from the open fires, and an ambiance that makes you feel you've stepped back in time yet with all the modern comforts. Before we dive into our meal, here's a delightful tidbit: The Black Hill offers a breathtaking walk that starts and ends at The Bull’s Head car park. If your idea of working up an appetite is a scenic 3-hour walk, then bingo!

The Culinary Symphony: Now, onto the main show. Me and Lisa, always up for a culinary adventure, decided to treat our palates. We kicked things off with Angel Bakery Sourdough and Cultured Butter. And let me tell you, it might very well be the best sourdough from Wales. Paired with cultured butter? Heavenly.

Our next delight? Home Cured Charcuterie paired perfectly with Pickled Fennel. As for the main course, while I indulged in a 40 Day Dry Aged Bavette Steak with delectable sides, Lisa opted for Beef f*ggots with Horseradish Mash and Trotter Gravy. The sounds she made? Let's just say it wasn't suitable for kids. Pure foodie bliss! We ended our feast with divine desserts. Lisa savoured Apple and Laphroaig Cobbler topped with Burnt Honey Ice Cream, and I opted for the Fennel Seed Rice Pudding with Damson Jam. An absolute symphony of flavours.

Worth Every Bumpy Ride: Navigating to the Bull’s Head? Think windy tracks which, honestly, a Citroen Ami might struggle with. But, is the journey worth every twist and turn? Oh, you bet! It's like that surprise ending in your favourite book, totally worth the suspense.

Final Verdict: The Bull’s Head isn't just special to me. Michelin agrees! With its spot on the Michelin recommended guide, it's proof that it's not just my food-crazed rambling. So, if you're plotting an escape to Herefordshire (which, seriously, you should), don't forget to jot down The Bull’s Head at the tippy top of your must-visit list.

Until next time, happy eating and wandering! And remember, a windy track might just lead to the best steak of your life! 😉🍴🍷

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