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Your travel guide to a wonderful day at Abersoch , North Wales

I hope you've got your sunnies ready because I’m whisking you away on a sun-soaked adventure to Abersoch. This isn’t just any old travel guide; we're going on a trip filled with rich history, tantalising treats, and unforgettable sights. Let's dive right in! Nestled on Pen Llŷn - Llŷn Peninsula in Gwynedd, North Wales, Abersoch is a seaside village steeped in history. Initially a fishing port, this little gem has seen its fair share of salty seafarers. Over the centuries, it's bloomed into a vibrant hub for sailing and water-sports. And let's not forget the beach! More on that later.

First stop: Two Islands! This delightful café dishes up an amazing Coaltown coffee to perk you right up. But it's their homemade ice cream that's stolen my heart (and my waistline). They've got a wall of ice cream scoops that's a sight for sore eyes, and their flavours? Oh, honey, your tastebuds will think they've gone to heaven!

For seafood lovers, a pitstop at the Potted Lobster is non-negotiable. There's something about those nautical vibes, combined with the fresh catch of the day, that makes you feel like Neptune himself is serving up your dinner. And if that doesn't tickle your fancy, perhaps the ramen and noodles at Nwdl might, not to mention the view of the super yachts and the divine pizza at Crust. Yacht views while devouring pizza? That’s Abersoch, baby!

But Abersoch isn't just about food. Its architectural mix is a sight to behold. There are flashy new homes with more glass than a cathedral and traditional Welsh cottages with floral gardens, beautifully detailed doors, and names so cute they'd make a kitten blush. It's the perfect blend of new and old, modern and rustic.

Now, I won't lie - Abersoch is a hot spot that attracts a fair share of visitors. But if you slip in before the summer rush, it's the perfect spot for a chilled day out. And the best part? It's dog-friendly! Even your four-legged friend can join the fun. While you're there, explore the charming little shops, butchers, and delis, which have everything you need to rustle up a perfect beach picnic or a cozy cottage feast. And of course, make sure you pop into Two Islands for an ice cream. I'm not kidding, it's a mandatory part of the Abersoch experience!

While you're in the area, Aberdaron is worth a visit, a charming little seaside town with its own unique vibe. And one more thing - you HAVE to check out the Spar in Pwllheli. I know what you're thinking, "A Spar? Really?" But trust me, it's the best Spar in the world. No trip to Pen Llŷn is complete without it. They sell Lobsters.

So there you have it, my lovelies - a cheeky guide to the wonderful Abersoch. Whether you're a foodie, a beach bum, a history buff, or just looking for a good ol’ adventure, Abersoch is the place to be. Follow for more exploring - Instagram

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